What I Love and What I Miss

Having the chance to live in Berlin is so far pretty amazing. Life here seams to be on a tight schedule 24/7 in terms of the public transport system. I wish I could bring this home with me. The Chicago public transit looks like garbage compared to the Berlin public transport.

One key thing that I was really surprised about Berlin is the wide range of people. I don’t just hear German as I walk down the streets. I hear Polish, Russian, English, French, and possibly Arabic? And the people are not only varied, but the food as well.

Döners have become my favorite food here. Turkish food for the win!

One thing about home I miss the most are my parents. They put up a lot of money for me to go on this trip and I am so thankful they let me do this. Also being able to speak to people in English and not feel awkward. My limited German makes it difficult to do basic things, like being polite and ordering food. It gets a little isolating.

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