Deutschland or Bust

It has been just about a week in Germany now (posted late), and I have really enjoyed the experience I have had so far. I have gotten to have lots of good food, get to know many people who two week ago, were complete strangers, and experience what it is like to be the person who doesn’t speak in the common language. When I first got here my German was very uncertain. Now I can confidently order something and ask for the key to my room.

What I found surprising interesting was how after about three days in Berlin my brain started trying to think in German without translating. It is not anything extremely complicated, but it makes me feel like I truly am trying to engage with the culture. My German teacher in high school always said you must try to think in German, and I had no idea how that could even be possible.

One of the big differences to make note of in the public transportation. I wish we could have public transportation as efficient as Berlin back home. There are several stops throughout the area, and there is a bus at every stop every 10 minutes. It really makes you realize that you don’t need a car to get anywhere in the city.  They also actually use change here. The tax for items is included in the price, so quite often people use their change to give exact amounts.

It is beautiful here. Despite a lot of rain, it is a very pleasant summer compared to back home. I love the mix of old and new buildings. You can tell that Berlin is a city with a long history, much longer than anywhere back in the states.

I am so happy that I was able to come here, and I hope to make the best out of the time that I have left in Germany.

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  1. So glad you get to have this experience, Sean, and thanks so much for the report. Keep them coming!

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