Initial Thoughts on Germany

I have been in Germany now for six days now and it is amazing! At first it was a struggle to get adjusted, not only to a new time zone, but to a new space and system of living. Staying up for 30+ hours was exhausting and being lost was disconcerting. Now, though, I am well rested and well fed and very excited to continue exploring Germany. I was surprised how easily I can forget that I am in Berlin versus any other large city; it seems more “normal” than I expected it to be. This said, it is still very different (especially because everyone is speaking in German) and it is great to explore the city and just take a random bus somewhere to find food or something else fun. Public transportation is so much easier and convenient than it is back in the states and it is surprisingly unregulated here. I have hardly ever had to show my pass when getting on the bus or S or U Bahn. I wish we could have such a proficient public transportation system back home instead of cars constantly clogging the street everywhere. I do miss my knowledge of the landscape back at home because it makes traveling a little tricky as well as having free access to bathrooms and water everywhere, but I am starting to develop a mental map of many areas in Berlin and getting used to it. I am very much looking forward to continuing to explore the city and other parts of Germany, eating some amazing foods (including döners), and spending some great time with friends- hopefully not time doing homework.

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