The Kölner Dom

The Kölner Dom was absolutely magnificent. It was the very first thing you could see as you walked out of the train station in Köln and you couldn’t miss it. It rose far above any other surrounding buildings with its twin spires stretching over 150 meters tall. During our entire stay, it never got old just looking up at it. Going to the top, as you can imagine, was an incredible view itself in addition to the ornate carvings over every piece of stone all the way to the top. We had the privilege of worshipping Sunday during High Mass and it was an incredible experience. It was interesting to see such a traditional service, including incense and many other things I am sure I missed. I did enjoy how reverent the whole service was compared to many of our contemporary services at home where it is easier to forget how incredible God is. This was nearly impossible to do with the soaring arches and Kyrie’s. I am not saying that this is what I would want every Sunday, but it was a nice change for one Sunday. And the organ reverberating throughout the cathedral was simply alluring. It was by far the best music I have heard in a very long time! I loved it.

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