Wittenberg: The Land that Time Forgot?

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I think it is quite unfortunate that Wittenberg is not a more popular city among the tourists. It’s the hometown of Martin Luther, the man who single-handedly sparked the Protestant Reformation! Not only did the Reformation reshape realign religion as we know it, but some say that the Reformation cleared a path for the Scientific Revolution! Now I’m not saying that Luther invented the Smart Phone, but the world would be a very different place without Martin Luther. Unfortunately- because Luther is the only attraction in Wittenberg- unless you are a Protestant or a history buff there is no reason to visit the city. Unless you’re on a live or die mission to hit every single gelato cafe in the eastern half of Germany. And because die hard history buffs, devoted Protestants, and gelato enthusiasts make up a smaller percentage of the world and an even smaller percentage of that group live in Germany or the surrounding countries or have the necessary funds to travel to Germany you end up with a hand full of people who actually know that this is not the Martin Luther who “had a dream” and few travelers who tried to go to Italy but who took a wrong turn in Switzerland and just got lost. Wittenberg is perhaps one of the only cities that I would not mind being known as a city full of tourists, I wish everyone where as excited about seeing the Martin Luther’s house and church. More people could be introduced to Protestantism! And who knows, maybe they would all visit Geneva, Switzerland next and learn about Calvinism, and then go to Scotland and learn about Presbyterianism, and then go to the Reformed Presbyterian Seminary in Pittsburgh and become RP pastors! Or not…they could be RP engineers, or RP teachers, or just RP…any one is fine. And then maybe a cow would jump over the moon. But hey! We got man to the moon, maybe a cow is next! 😉

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