The Stranger Side of Germany

While I have greatly enjoyed my time here in Germany I have seen a great many things that are strange/interesting. I think that this a fun look at these differences between the cultures.

These Capri-Suns look like they just made an inside joke to each other. Capri-Suns are actually very popular in Germany and a lot of them have faces worked into their design. They also have a lot less sugar in them than the American Capri-Suns and they are quite good.

Mmmm lecker. There are two oddities about this photo. One, Germans love to put mayonnaise on their french fries. This seems really gross to Americans but in practice it’s not bad. Although it does make me laugh at the stereotype of fat Americans while Germans literally put condensed fat and oil on fried potatoes. Also, the Coke in this picture is in a glass bottle.A glass bottle for soda is kind of rare (at least where I’m from) in America.

This guy knows how to ride in style. While I haven’t seen many cars like this one in particular, there are many smart-cars in Germany. Occasionally, I will run into a smart car that parked perpendicular to the curb because they can fit in some incredibly small places.

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