History and Germany

First I want to apologize for the last post I made. The wifi was bad and I didn’t think it was sending.

It’s interesting to think that many of the events of WW II happened here. Reading about it in a history book makes it feel far away, but here you can see bullet holes in the walls still and even visit an old concentration camp.

Our trip to Sachsenhausen is definitely something I will remember well. As our professors pointed out it is a great example of how engineering can be used for evil purposes. The camp was set up to be the perfect camp. It was set up geometrically so that from one point in the middle you could see all of the camp and prevent any escapes.

One part that I will remember probably forever was the morgue. It was made of several rooms dig into the ground and it was not hard to imagine the bodies of all the Jews that were killed piled against the walls. It was an eerie place that I will remember forever.

(Sorry the pictures  were sideways)

Another interesting thing to think about is that the German people do not talk about the war nor do they leave things to remember it by. The Second World War, fairly enough, seemed to be a thing they would like to forget.

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