A Quick Overview

Germany was one of the highlights of my life so far It was so much fun to be in a different country and explore their culture, lifestyle, and cool locations. I went with the Calvin engineering program for 6 weeks taking an engineering course taught by Calvin professors, and a German class taught by native Germans. We studied and stayed in Berlin for 5 weeks in a hostel. The typical day from Monday to Thursday was going to Engineering class in the morning, eating lunch (usually at the cafeteria), going to German class in the afternoon, going back to the hostel to do homework and eat dinner sometime, and finally, if there was time, explore Berlin for a little or do some sort of activity with the other students. The German class taught a good amount about culture as well as language so we got to go on a couple field trips some cool German landmarks as well as learn in class. On weekends, we got to go on many day and weekend trips as group and just on our own. These included Sachsenhausen concentration camp, Heidelberg, Koblenz, Cologne, Bremen, Wittenberg, Lubeck, and a couple places in Berlin like Brandenburg Gate, Potsdam, and Charlottenburg. The last week, we finished our classes and had a free 7 days to do whatever we wanted. I went with a group of two other people and traveled to Munich, Venice and then Innsbruck in the Austrian Alps. That last week was probably my favorite part of the trip, but I had an amazing time learning engineering, developing friendships, and getting to explore another country and culture.

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