“Sooooo……..how was Germany?”

I did not want to leave Germany, it was that fun. 

Seeing all the old architecture and historical sights was cool. I have been to Germany before last year with the Calvin Wind Ensemble, so coming back to Europe was awesome. Some of the day trips the Engineering group went to were the same cities I went to on the Wind Ensemble trip, so it was a nice experience. Like going to Bremen for a second time.

Because of how long I was in Berlin for, I felt like I lived here and was not just visiting. The public transport in Berlin is nice, especially since most public transport in America is non-existent outside of major US cities. And even then, it is limited. Seeing many of the old churches was cool. After a while it got boring, but it was still cool walking through them and looking at all the religious art, or the magnitude of the architecture inside. I really liked the churches in Lübeck for some reason. It was freaky how many of the steeples are leaning slightly though. One big part of Germany I am going to miss is the beer. The quality of beer here is amazing.

I am not claiming to be fluent at all in the German language, but it was cool figuring out the language and seeing my own understanding of German improve little by little as the trip went on.

For the free week of the trip, I went to Naples, Italy and stayed with a friend who lives there. Rather than just the normal touristy experience, I got to experience more of the daily life of Italians because of my friend. She introduced me to a lot of her neighbors. Naples as a city is interesting. Seeing the old and the new construction commingle with each other so well, it is hard to tell if a building was built 40 years ago, or 400 years ago. And the food. I would go back to Naples in a heart-beat just for the food.

I’m going to miss Europe.

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