Home Again

It seems like such a long time ago since I left home and arrived at Calvin, and yet the summer flew by. Building a community with fellow engineers during the homework began on day one. Almost every day I went down to a local train station to buy a cheap but delicious dinner at a shop we called “The Imbiss.” Later I discovered that the actual name was Frank’s Curry Station and I was literally calling it “The Fast Food.” Traveling on the weekends to the main German cities was almost as tiring as staying up and doing the homework, but more exciting. On all of the train rides, it was a mystery whether you would get a seat good seat, but that aspect added to the adventure. Thankfully, the trains were so fast it didn’t matter anyway. Each weekend we went to a different church service as well, including the Berliner Dom and Koln Cathedral. It was interesting to see the differences between German and American services.
Every now and then we would have a free day on the weekend, not including the last week. One of these weekends, instead of sleeping in, I was able to visit two different national parks within Germany, Jasmund National Park and Switzerland Saxony National Park, even though I had to wake up before five both days. During my free week, I travelled with two other guys South and West. We visited Rome for three days, giving me the chance to view the ancient ruins of the colosseum. Next, we spent two nights in Vienna. Here we discovered modern and Renaissance beauty in the buildings and palaces throughout the city. Finally, while waiting for our connection back to Berlin, we explored Salzburg, viewing the natural beauty of the mountains surrounding the city. We made it back to Berlin and onto the flight the following morning. After that adventure in Europe, it is good to be home again.

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