(Created 07/31/17)

I have only been in a catholic funeral a long time ago which was similar but of course slightly different. It was very interesting to watch coming from a non-denominational church. Our first Sunday we worshipped in a Lutheran church which was a nice step towards high mass. I just wish that we had a translator for high mass, like we did for the Lutheran service. Now going through three Germany services I have found that they all have a very different order to service. While my church(and most American churches) have a distinct worship time and sermon time, the German services don’t. There is some singing, some talking, then some more singing , then more talking. Also the services are much shorter. This is no exception to high mass. Also the church building is a wee bigger then my church’s.
I would not be surprised by the estimate of 20,000 tourists a day on the weekend.

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