Thank you und Auf Wiedersehen

So this summer was great. Germany was great and I had a lot of fun. This program met all of my expectations and actually surprised me a little bit.
I was expecting drowning in homework then seeing some sights. But it turned out so much better. I loved the engineering course, it was extremely well balanced between work and play. We had time for fun but it was nice being able to focus on one subject and devote all your time to it. This course will probably be one of the only engineering courses that I get an A in but not because it was easy but because I actually learned it. And we saw a lot of sights. So many cities and so many churches. I lost count of the number of churches that we saw. I loved seeing the churches too because you could feel the time that had past; how amazing old they were.
So yeah, this summer was awesome and I only have good things to say about it, truly. I will remember the past seven weeks for years to come.

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