Wittenberg: The Land that Time Forgot?

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I think it is quite unfortunate that Wittenberg is not a more popular city among the tourists. It’s the hometown of Martin Luther, the man who single-handedly sparked the Protestant Reformation! Not only did the Reformation reshape realign religion as we know it, but some say that the Reformation cleared a path for the Scientific Revolution! Now I’m not saying that Luther invented the Smart Phone, Continue reading “Wittenberg: The Land that Time Forgot?”

East Side Gallery

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The East Side Gallery is a large preserved stretch of the Berlin Wall. They got multiple painters to decorate the wall with their idea of what freedom meant. I think that it is a great idea to turn what was once a symbol of oppression into a work of art celebrating their freedom. There are dozens of styles ranging from abstract to realistic and all of them are beautiful.

Arbeit macht frei?

It was certainly enlightening to be able to visit both the holocaust museum and the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. These cites serve an important purpose, to honor the fallen and to warn us of past mistakes so that we might make better choices in the future. Walking through Berlin today, you would never have guessed at the horrors that happened here. The city has moved on, there are no signs pointing out famous WWII battle grounds or plaques commemorating events- just silent monuments and somber memorials.