So…Now What?

“So you went to Germany for six weeks?”

Yep. We did. We experienced German culture at its finest over the past six weeks. We visited multiple cities in, and even around, Germany. We tried our best to converse with locals in German. We even took two classes in the middle of all that. But I’m willing to bet that every single one of us would want to do it all over again.

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When Words Aren’t Enough

We have all been updating this blog with descriptions of our adventures in Deutschland over the past couple weeks. While this is very informative to you, the reader, and us in the future, something has been missing from this blog: pictures. Sometimes it is better to show something than it is to simply talk about it. Over the past weekend, I experienced three things in which this is just the case.

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Coming Off a Fantastic Weekend

As you have probably figured out by now, our group visited three cities this past weekend: Heidelberg, Koblenz, and Cologne. It was such a great weekend, filled with laughs, sights, and explorations. One of the highlights of the excursion was worshipping on Sunday morning in the Cologne Cathedral. The congregation was sizeable, and the organ sent chills down my spine.

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