Wrapping Up an Amazing Trip

The weeks that I spent in Germany were such a wonderful experience. I not only learned about engineering, but I also learned about the German culture. On weekdays we spent a majority of our time in class and doing homework, but on weekends, we were able to travel to many different cities and learn more about Berlin. Throughout my time in Germany, I had so much fun becoming better friends with my peers and exploring new areas of the world. Continue reading “Wrapping Up an Amazing Trip”

Mass, Organs, and Stairs ~ Köln Cathedral

If I had to sum up my worship experience at high mass in the Köln Cathedral, I would choose fascinating. This was the first catholic mass I have attended and it certainly was an interesting first experience. This cathedral is the complete opposite from the church I attend back home, but I enjoyed every minute I spent sitting under the towering ceilings and listing to the organ amplify throughout the massive sanctuary. Continue reading “Mass, Organs, and Stairs ~ Köln Cathedral”

Understanding WWII

I find it extremely difficult to fully comprehend the events that happened during WWII. Despite the years of learning about the Holocaust in history classes, visiting the museum here in Berlin, and touring the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, I still struggle to understand how people could do such horrible things to others. However, being here in Germany has helped me digest the war and its effects. Continue reading “Understanding WWII”

Tschüss to Our First Week!

What an incredible first week it has been! I still can’t decide if our time here has felt more like a long month or a short day since we first arrived last Saturday. So far, we have been going non-stop with schoolwork and touring around Berlin. The number of things we have done in just one week is actually quite impressive. Continue reading “Tschüss to Our First Week!”