“Hey how was Germany?”

If I had to sum up everything that I learned, did, and saw in Germany in a word, it would be “unreal”. I mean that quite literally too. Whenever I look back on this trip, I find myself asking, “Did that really happen? Did I really fly for the first time? Did I really travel to a foreign country where I barely spoke the language and live there for six weeks? Did I really coordinate a trip to Denmark and stay with an exchange student from high school? Did I really do all of that on top of a 200 level engineering class?” Continue reading ““Hey how was Germany?””

The Bright and Beaming City of Bremen

Of all of the cities that I’ve visited here in Germany, none have quite appealed to me like Bremen. I’m not sure whether it was the old-fashioned style of the buildings, the cool notes of history, or the fact that this is the city where I spent my twentieth birthday. Regardless, I have some great memories and stories from Bremen. Continue reading “The Bright and Beaming City of Bremen”

Reflections on The Concentration Camp at Sachsenhausen

Recently I visited one of the many concentration camps that were used during World War II. There was a lot of history to a place like that. Each students was given an audio tour and  I spent my time just standing in the middle of the camp and listening to all of the stories that were there to be heard. Throughout the trip I constantly questioned how anyone could ever justify the evil actions that were done in concentration camps, even if they thought that it could be beneficial to their country. Continue reading “Reflections on The Concentration Camp at Sachsenhausen”