This past week

It is now Thursday morning of our second week of class (first week in Berlin).  We had hoped to have many blog posts and updates to keep you all informed about what we have been doing but things did not quite go as planned.  The blog site went down and is now under maintenance, but we were able to rebuild this blog.

We left last week Friday to go to Germany on a bus.  My 5 year old was a little confused how we could get to Germany on a bus – but actually we were flying out of O’Hare…

While waiting at the gate before we could board the plane, most of the students were busy doing homework.  By this time they all knew that engineering courses involved a lot of homework.

We arrived safely in Berlin at 6:30 in the morning on Saturday July 15.  After everyone went through immigration and customs we took the city bus to our home for the summer:  St. Michael’s Heim

The next task for the rest of the day was to keep all the students awake as long as possible and to teach them how to find their way home using the transit system.   We went back into the city, exchanged some money and found some brat stands for lunch.   Later that night we had a group dinner an Italian restaurant close to home – great tasting pizza for our first meal in Germany.


On Sunday we went to the Berliner Dom – a reformed Cathedral and spent the rest of the afternoon looking at some of the sites.

Prayer Request

One of our students has not been feeling well for the past several days.  He is currently in the hospital here in Berlin for observation and tests.

Please pray for this student and his family:  That our LORD will comfort the student and give wisdom to the doctors so that they can determine what is wrong and how to treat the student.  Pray for his family in the Chicago area as they patiently wait for answers from the doctors here in Berlin.



Prof De Rooy