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Last few words

Hello Everyone!

So we’re all here sitting at the airport, reminiscing about our time in China and the one question I’m asking myself is: What was my favorite part of the trip? 

I’m having a hard time coming up with a solid answer, mostly because choosing one experience feels like belittling a different one. From exploring the Olympic Green in Beijing to hiking up Victoria Peak in Hong Kong yesterday, it’s hard to identify which was best. China is more diverse than I could have ever imagined, and the variance of experiences that one could have here are greatly underrated. 

I’ll always look back on this trip fondly and remember the friends I made and things I’ve learned!

Better learn to barter

After a long week of travel, company visits, and early mornings, it was nice to have a day to sleep in and do some shopping. In the morning, a few other students and myself traveled to a market to purchase some knock-off goods and get some experience driving the price down rather than paying the ‘tourist price’. Afterwards we traveled to one of the many silk markets so some people could buy some nice suits, and generally just look around to see how relatively inexpensive clothing can be here compared to the United States. Tonight we are attending an Acrobat show, which should be a great time. Shanghai has been a great experience thus far, and I know I’m going to dread leaving this great city and the people we have met and connected with, both nationals and the Americans that took time to educate us on their businesses and answer questions related to our studies. But, our next destinations in China are sure to be just as interesting.

Mom, Dad, Dan, Mooo, and Lilly, I hope you are all enjoying the lovely Chicago weather!

John Edsko Linger