Isaac Zylstra: 1/24/14: Gulangyuulangyu and homesickness

This post was written by Isaac Zylstra. Since I am unable to access my own blog account, Alexis Bonnema has been gracious enough to let me use her account.

Today was mostly self-directed learning, with a group dinner at the end. My group spent the self-directed learning on the island of Gulangyu.

In the morning, people did various things, before coming together at 10:00 to go to the island. About 25 people, most of the people on the trip, came. We walked to the bus.

About 20 minutes later, we got on the bus heading to the ferry. We took up nearly the entire bus, and it was extremely cramped.

We arrived at the ferry around 11:10, and discovered it was quite a large place. There were tons of people there, and we couldn’t get on any ferry earlier than 12:10. So we found some snacks and waited around.

The ferry ride was nice, but about 20 minutes, which was quite long considering the distance to the island from shore is about a half-mile.

So we had arrived on the island.


Gulangyu is a decent sized island, home to 20,000 people, and many tourists, but few cars are allowed. The large group split up very early on, leaving a group with me, 4 other students, and the Xiamen philosophy professor who had come with us, Dr. Xiaofei Liu.

Us 5 students had few plans, because we’ve been getting tired of China.

Nearly everything in China has a different feel to it. China has become very modern very recently, but things are still different from the West. The food is very different. Nearly everything is either fried or boiled. There is very little dairy, and no cheese. None.

But it’s more than that. We miss our families and friends of course, but we also miss the United States. We miss our language. Our culture. Our way of life. Part way through the trip I wondered if I would enjoy living in China more than the US. Now I wonder how long I could make it living in China.

So, given all that, we had a slow day. We took our time getting lunch, and got some interesting foods from the food vendors.


I myself had a “sausage sandwich”, which was a sausage, some vegetable, and a sauce on some sort of rice bread. It was pretty good.

After that, we passed up multiple activities, including a trip to Sunlight Rock, which was extremely crowded and cost 60 Yuan.

We ended up going to the beach and just relaxing, and discussing philosophy. The beach was beautiful. This trip is the first time I’ve seen or been in the Pacific Ocean.


We headed straight back to the ferry afterwards, but took some sketchy shortcuts to get there. We even passed the old US consulate.

IMG_20150124_151520246                       IMG_20150124_153546845_HDR

And then we were back on our way to the mainland. A good relaxing day to recover from homesickness.


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