Isaac Zylstra: 1/27/14: Victoria Peak

This is Isaac again, using Alexis’ account.

Today in Hong Kong, I went to Victoria Peak, a mountain on Hong Kong Island.

I left with a group of about 15, around 9:15. We took the subway to the island. There’s a tram, but most of us decided to walk up.


A friend of mine and I were slow, and so got left behind. It absolutely beautiful. We got some great pictures.

IMG_20150127_104608149       IMG_20150127_111219548_HDR


It took a while, but we eventually found the group. We walked around a bit more, before heading to lunch; still on the peak. I got an interesting watermelon tofu pudding. I’m not a huge fan of tofu, but the watermelon was good. The presentation was cool (literally!).


We then took the tram down. It was really steep. That building in the background is straight up and down!



All in all, Victoria Peak was beautiful, and a great place to spend a morning in Hong Kong.


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