The last days in China

Hey everybody!

We are in the airport now waiting for the 13.5 hour flight back to Chicago!

Yesterday was a day to explore around Hong Kong. Hong Kong is strikingly different from the rest of China. Different smells, sights and a completely different culture. Its hard to describe in words but the difference is tangible. It is a lot more westernized that even evident when crossing the border from Shenzhen into Hong Kong. Its seems a lot more familiar to home.

My day started out by going Victoria’s peak which had amazing views of the Harbor and the city skyline. It was a little cloudy and foggy but it was still a great experience. We got a small lunch at the top of the peak. IMG_2628 IMG_2670

After walking around and taking lots of pictures we went back down and walked a long the harbor where there were lots of piers and a big carnival! It actually did feel like being in a huge city back in the states.

This trip has been simply amazing. Challenging, fun, and enlightening. I learned so much about China, their culture, the businesses we visited and about myself. Truly thankful for this trip of a lifetime.

I’m also excited to be back home to be with my family and friends. Mom, Dad, Chris, and Abby, can’t wait to see you guys at the airport in GR!


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