Jan 28 Blog Entry for Phil Van Strien

As I sit here in flight UA896 on our way from Hong Kong to Chicago, I can’t believe it’s over. China 2015 was a trip I won’t soon forget. It was an experience of a lifetime and I know everyone on it received a very valuable learning experience from it. So many adventures were had on this trip and it’s coming to a bittersweet ending.

The amount we learned concerning the culture and business world associated with life in China is immense and I’m sure many of us will be working with the Chinese in the future. As an ever up and coming nation, China will play a large part in the worlds future and we caught a glimpse of that on this trip. This will be valuable information for us all.

Whether it was walking along the Great Wall, visiting Alibaba’s unique facilities, meeting with with Calvin grads in the streets of Hong Kong or just getting lost in Shanghai; this will be a trip we will always remember and a learning experience that we all cherished. I think we’re all ready for this plane ride to be over though.

Phil Van Strien

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