Family life in China – By Hanfei Niu

We have visited several companies and cool tourist places, but we do not have any interaction with Chinese families. Before, visiting Professor Si and her family was a part of our trip, not anymore since Professor Si left. However, I would like to share some interesting story of my family.

First, I almost forget there is the kind of cold called “your mom thinks you are cold”. My home town is 2 hours away from Beijing by high speed train, and the weather is just like Beijing. But my mom must think we live in the North Pole. She wouldn’t let me go out if I didn’t wear two pairs of long-johns under my pants, and she would chase me around house to put more layers on me, which is pretty funny to me.

Second, some Chinese families still prefer baby boys to baby girls, especially older generations. When I was born, my grandparents were unhappy about having a granddaughter instead of a grandson, they suggested to my parents that they took me to the country side where they lived and raised me secretly (because China’s one child policy was strict during that time), so my parents could have another kid, hopefully a son. Fortunately, my dad refused immediately.

Third, my parents did spank me when I was young!!!!!!!!!! The worst one I remember is when I was in first grade, my mom spanked me with a bamboo stick and I got welts all over my behind and the back of my legs for a week, after that my parents never spanked me again. I remember what happened was: my mom gave me 100RMB to buy something, and there was a sale going on so the thing cost 90RMB, I bought good snacks with rest of the money without telling my mom, and she found out later and was pretty mad………you know rest of the story……..piang!piang!piang!

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