Reflective Comparison of China and the USA

Jeff Meitler here!

A reflective comparison of China and the USA:

– Anyone in China can become an American, but an American cannot become Chinese
– Chinese history is 20x older than America’s
– Chinese don’t view themselves as an “emerging” economy but a “re-emerging” economy
– Chinese have distinctly more modern lights (all LED), movie theaters (all digital), and buildings (just look at them) than the US
– The American social gap between the rich and poor is separated very distinctly by where they are living, but in China the rich and poor live on top of each other (almost literally)
– China has 4x the amount of people as the USA while the countries are roughly a similar size
– China has 160 cities with a population over 1 million while the USA has 9
– China has about 300 million drivers (244 of which are licensed) and 154 million private autos while the USA has 212 million licensed drivers and 240 million private autos (
– Running in China I could cross almost any road at any time with minimal fear of getting hit, in the USA I have to wait for huge gaps in traffic to cross
– People really don’t go out running in China
– China has more billionaires than any other country in the world
– Chinese citizens cannot own guns and are perplexed by our use of them
– Both Chinese and American people are generally proud of their nation and heritage
– Both Chinese and American people have tendencies towards idolizing wealth and sex

What I learned:

– Businesses don’t go to China for the cheap labor as much as they go for the huge growing market
– Chinese Christians do not hide their faith nearly as much as I thought they would
– Jesus is just as powerful in China as in the USA
– The USA is just as sinful and broken as China

Final Thoughts:

Hopefully this list format helps you to understand some of the similarities and differences of China and the USA. There is so much to know. My biggest takeaway was that we are just as in need of a savior as the Chinese. I always knew that Christ came to save the entire world, but actually seeing another part of it gave me a better glimpse into just how big and complicated this world is and how much bigger and stronger our God is.

Pray that God would soften our American hearts towards the Chinese so that we can see that they have many of the same problems we do and need a Savior just as much as we do.

I have added a few pictures of churches we visited and one of my favorite runs in Xiamen! Thanks for reading!






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