Sleep Deprived But Home

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Jet lag is real.  Luckily my exhausted state has given me plenty of time to reflect on my trip, and what a trip it was.  I came into this interim as a person who has never left the comfort of my own country.  I was much happier sticking with the food, language, and culture that I had grown up with.  That being said, having gone through with it I am ecstatic that was able to visit and learn.  Not everything was the way I had expected.  For one, I had no idea that China had a problem with their tap water.  Chinese food, to my surprise, is nothing like the “chinese food” we order for take-out here in America.  Some of it was very good, and some of it was very interesting.  The sheer scale of China was another thing that had been lost on me until this trip.  The fact that in all of our travels we didn’t visit a city smaller than 5 million people is pretty crazy to think about.  I look forward to the rest that these next few days will bring, but I am extremely grateful for the incredible experiences and memories this trip has provided.  I’m also thankful for everyone on the trip that banded together to navigate this whole other world and culture with me!  

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