We’re Home!

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Wow! I still can’t believe these three weeks have come in gone. Sitting here thinking about it still feels a bit surreal. I mean we were on the other side of the world. What an experience it was!

I felt that I really had the chance to grow on this trip. We all had to quickly learn how to navigate in these cities that would dwarf New York City. I feel like a became a subway pro, confident about going anywhere the subway could take me. We also had to learn how to communicate despite a language barrier, a skill that I feel is valuable wherever you are in the world. I learned so much about the history of China and the people of China it would have been impossible to leave without a growing respect for the country and for the people.

Some of my favorite moments on the trip include hiking the great wall, walking around the new financial district in downtown Shanghai and taking elevators as high as they would let us go, walking and boat touring around west lake, and the massacre museum in Nanjing.

I’m so grateful to those who put in the the time and hard work to ensure that we had such a well structured and educational trip!


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