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This trip was definitely one to remember that is for sure. Although near the end of the trip i kind of got sick of unpacking and packing and unpacking and packing it was definitely worth it because of how much we saw. I never thought i would be able to hit 8 different countries within one month. Traveling with the group for 3 weeks and having our free time really helped me, Lorin, and Abbie get ready for our adventure by ourselves. I learned how to use the subways, look at maps, and even be able to walk all over the cities and speak to the locals of so many different languages. My favorite city would probably have to be France. I have always wanted to go there and everything we saw just was so amazing– especially the Eiffel Tower at night, just nothing could beat it. I haven’t been one to like history so much but after going on this trip i find myself way more interested in it. I definitely plan on coming back to Europe someday to travel around a little more. Also after being in Rome and Athens I would definitely recommend people to go there– they are both gorgeous cities that i really enjoyed! I had a great time with everyone in our group, I don’t think we could have had a better mix of people and personalities.



The past two days we have been in Berlin. Yesterday we started the day off by going to the holocaust museum. We spent about an hour there going through and reading what people wrote to their children and families while they were at the concentration camps. It was very sad to read about and see pictures of what they actually did to them.

Our second stop of the day was at a piece of the remaining Berlin Wall. I thought it was amazing to see because it was torn down in 1989 which is fairly recent.  It was interesting to see all the paintings on it. I even got to buy part of the original wall which I thought was pretty cool. After we spent a little while there looking at it we went to checkpoint Charlie. Before this trip I never really knew too much about the Wall or Checkpoint Charlie so it was a great learning experience for me. I thought one of the most interesting parts was the ways people figured out how to escape. One of the girls hid in 2 suitcases molded together and was in the suitcase for 70 mins and another girl made her boyfriend and exact replica of the guards outfits so he was able to walk right past them and they had no idea. After-all is was a very great morning in Berlin.

After Checkpoint Charlie we were all free to explore more of the city of Berlin on our own. A couple of girls and I decided to walk around and of course go shopping a little bit. We eventually ended up at the Berlin Zoo which is said to be one of the best zoos in the world. It was a little cold and rainy out but it was definitely still worth it to go to the zoo. We ended the night going to the Market at the top of the biggest department store in Germany– Ka De We for dinner.

The Netherlands

When we first arrived in the Netherlands we stopped in Harlem to walk around and to find a place for lunch. A couple of kids and I went to a little cafe for lunch, we walked in and right away the lady started talking in dutch and none of us knew what to say. After a while of her just starring at us we told her that we only spoke English and needed a little while to look over the menu. When it cam time to order it was very hard to understand what we were even ordering so we kind of just guessed on what we thought we might like. Since it has been a couple days we are now getting more used to things on the menu and what they mean. If someone else were to take this trip i would recommend that they learn a little dutch so that they can understand what the menu says.