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After being back home for a few days, I have really begun to appreciate all of the awesome things we saw on our trip. Obviously I appreciated them while I was there, but after seeing so many cool things so quickly its hard to remember what I saw from one day to the next. I am really glad to be home, and I don’t thing I could ever live in Europe, but it was an awesome trip and an awesome place to travel. Looking through pictures of the concentration camp and some of the museums we went to really made me appreciate how many amazing things we saw while in Europe. Some day I really hope to get back there and revisit my favorite things and explore even more of the history throughout Europe.


The other day after leaving Berlin we went to the Mercedes factory just outside of Bremen. This factory visit was definitely one of my favorite parts of the trip. When we first arrived, we were able to look around the show room at some very cool cars before being ushered into a room where we watched a video that gave us a little information on the company and what they do. After the video we went with our tour guide through different buildings where parts of the car were made and assembled. We started in the body shop, where we saw flat pieces of steel being pressed into doors and hoods. After this, we entered the assembly line. Here we could see hundreds if not thousands of partially completed cars rolling up and down the assembly line. Every 10 feet or so was a new ¨station¨ where a worker would be assembling something on the car as it rolled by. After much of the assembly had happened, the body of the car was dropped on to the engine. Being able to walk through the factory was an awesome experience, especially since we really got to see the whole process from start to finish.

Paris Adventures

While in Paris a few days ago we did a lot of cool things as a group like seeing The Louvre, and going up into the Eiffel Tower. After these awesome group activities, we had free time to explore the city on our own. One day a smaller group of us went to see the Catacombs which are old underground chambers where thousands of human bones are stored.

At night, a group of us found a cool spot that provides a great view of the Eiffel Tower while it is lit up. We were also fortunate enough to see it sparkle as it does every hour on the hour for 10 minutes. While exploring on our own, one of the most challenging and also exciting things was figuring out how to ride the subway. With no signs in English, figuring out what train and what station you need to be at is a challenge, but also very exciting. In the end Paris was an awesome city to see and a lot of great memories were made there.