We had another early start this morning and this group of students  is always on time. It really makes our job as professors so much easier. The students  are ready to go every morning and it is nice to start the day with a smile from every one of them.

Our first stop is the fantastic Neuschwanstein  Castle nestled in the side of a mountain.  We  had our early morning excercise by walking up the hill to the castle.  The group had a brief narrated tour of the castle and it’s history. The view from the Castle was fantastic and it truly looks like a fairy  tale castle.

Our next stop was a brief visit to the little town of Wies for lunch and a short look around.  We then stopped at the Wieskirche, a beautiful church set in the countryside just outside of town. Once inside, we were struck by the beauty of the Bavarian Rococo.

Back on the bus,  we drove for over an hour to Munich, where we were dropped off in the center of the city for free time to walk, shop, and experience one of the larger German cities.  Later, we met and had a great meal and a great time at the Hofbrauhaus restaurant. After dinner, we boarded the bus and proceeded to the hotel.  It was another great day experiencing the beauty and diversity that our God has provided.



  1. I’m proud of Jared for getting up on time. It wasn’t easy for him in high school and I’ve got a letter from the truant officer and the district attorney to prove it. You can ask him about it. 🙂

    Thanks for the updates. We read them daily. We’re eagerly awaiting his blog post!

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