“So how’d your trip go?”

Over the past few days, I’ve been asked that question a lot. And how I’ve answered it depends on the person, some want pictures, some want a outline of where you’ve visited, some want the exciting highlights, and some want to hear about the famous sights. But with 2000 pictures, a three week tour, exciting bits  you just had to be there for, and uncountable famous sights; its hard to fit it into a nice short summary. But that’s why its good to sort through it. While I’ve been retelling the experiences we had, it’s a time for me to process what I want to remember and what I think are some of the unneeded memories. It’s similar to the process  I’m going to have sorting through my trip pictures. Some are more meaningful to me, and some I have to question why I took that picture in the first place. So as I reflect, like many of my trip mates, it’s a time to take inventory and figure out what memories you’re going to take with you, and what is just another deleted picture.

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