The Eiffel Tower

After much consideration I’ve come to the conclusion that the Eiffel Tower was my favorite part of the trip. The first time we saw it we were driving into Paris when we bursted out from behind a building to feast our eyes on the magnificence of the tower. A sense of awe filled the bus, even though it was still far off in the distance. Soon after, Joop dropped us off near it to take a closer look at it. I had seen it plenty of times before in pictures, movies, books, etc, ┬ábut when I saw it in person the size and realness of it revealed a beauty about it that only the naked eye can behold. It was truly as amazing as everyone says it is. The next day we took an elevator up to the second platform where we had a nice 360 view of Paris. Later that day Ross, Dan and I decided to see it at night. You might already know this but at night the Eiffel Tower sparkles for the first ten minutes of every hour. So we ran to the top of a nearby ledge to see the sparkles in time. The sparkles were pretty, but the tower was beautiful enough without them. We ended up looking at it until about the next wave of sparkles. It was the only sight or attraction that I visited three times and spent 20 Euro on (for a painting, see below). The trip had so many highlights, it was very hard to choose my favorite┬ápart. In conclusion, I will always remember the memories I made on the 2015 Europe Interim Trip. Thanks for reading!

Eiffel Tower Painting

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