Something different in Europe

After the weekends after trips, I starts to reflect what I learned from this trips.Compared with US, many things are different in Europe, culturally or habitually. Some are different in church ritual. In the most European churches we visited, communion provides shared cup of wine instead of individual cups. Even in the English church service we attended, the ritual seems to be longer and slightly different than in states.

What surprised some of us are that most German business does not run on Sunday except some stores in the train stations. Their law considered sabbath into their law. Compared with US, I felt it is quite interesting since the secularism is increasing in Europe. US has a quite high Christian population but still run business on Sunday. This difference is little bit interesting.

What make me miss a lot in Europe is the cheap drink options and free restroom. Due the historical reasons of drinking water in Europe, many countries developed their beer and even now it is not common for people to choose normal drinking water. Since the budget limits of the trip, it is hard to pick something to drink for the meal. During the time I really want to just get some normal water to drink. In addition, in the Europe the free bathroom is quite hard to find except in some museums. I never need to worry about it.

Based on my observation, almost all the European countries we visited used more small vehicle . And in many car stores I visited, the small vehicles are showed in some main area of exhibition and it makes me feel that they are important parts of their sales. Instead of using huge vehicles to carry many people, nice public transportation systems were well developed in these countries. Even in some small city in Europe, they also had their own public transportation systems. I felt it is really convenient and Eco-friendly.

In the Germany, bottle fees are pre-charged to every recyclable bottle. If people do not recycle, they will lose a lot of money from it. So I always saw people go to recycle bottles. Overall, European has a better conscience of recycling and saving.

I think what European did is related to the fact that they have relatively small amount of natural resources compared with US. But I think it is really good to use this sustainable lifestyle. I think this lifestyle can save a lot of resources and the future generation also can get benefits from it.

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