Favorite Place

After looking back on the trip and reflecting on all the places we were able to go to, I have decided on a few of my favorite places and favorite things we were able to do.

My favorite city we visited was Brugge, Belgium.I loved the little bridges and the quaintness of the city. The first night we were there, it was misty and foggy which made the scenery look extremely cool. The lighting on the buildings mixed with the fog and mist made for a really cool scene. We took a walking tour of Brugge as well and it was incredible to see what the city had to offer.

My favorite activity that I did on the trip happened on one of the last days of the trip. We were in Bremen and I really wanted to see a soccer stadium while on this trip. A group of guys including myself took a walk to Werder Bremen’s soccer stadium in hopes to take a stadium tour. Unfortunately there were no tour guides available, however we were told that the first team was currently training. As a soccer player myself I was really excited to watch the team train and see the way professionals play in person. We watched them train for about an hour and a half and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Overall the trip was incredible and I am extremely happy that I took this opportunity to go on the trip.

-Nick Groenewold

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