Biggest Surprises

I think the biggest surprise for me on the trip was how many different cities we actually visited while we were there. Looking at it on paper, it seemed like we had a decently busy schedule, visiting a lot of countries and cities in such a short time. But actually being there, I was pleasantly surprised how many different places we went. It seemed like most days we stopped in 2 or 3 different places. Having never been to Europe before, I really appreciated this. While we never stayed in any one place for a particularly long time, we were able to get a good overall picture of the different countries we went to, because we got a little taste of everything in each place. Even on our designated travel days, we would stop in one city for lunch and at least one or two others before reaching our hotel for the night.

The other big surprise was how much free time we actually had. I also really enjoyed this because this gave us the opportunity to do and see what we wanted to, so we all got what we wanted out of the trip and out of the cities we were in.

– Jonathan Filippini

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