Differences between Europe and America

Differences between Europe and America

Language: from the Europeans I met, I found out most of them are fluent with three or more languages while Americans can normally speak two. This is definitely an advantage for Europe. However, we cannot blame Americans too much on this since most neighbor countries only speak Spanish. European languages are also somewhat close to each other, which makes it easier to learn. One important thing I want to mention is how much Europeans emphasize language. During our visits to some companies, the speaker always told us how important to be fluent with a foreign language. I especially remember one company; they had costumers around the world so they hired staff that could speak their native languages.

Cities: it was a lot of fun being in a European city. They are usually big and packed, but this also makes it convenient for us to travel. Most cities have bike passes and they ride crazy. Even though some cities are huge, in order to protect the old buildings, they tend not to build skyscrapers. Free bathrooms are rare to see.

Water: sparkling water is a common thing in Europe. In Germany, I couldn’t drink water directly from the sink so I boiled it. However, I saw incrustations floating in my water after boiling. I went to grocery store to buy water in the end.

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