This trip was definitely one to remember that is for sure. Although near the end of the trip i kind of got sick of unpacking and packing and unpacking and packing it was definitely worth it because of how much we saw. I never thought i would be able to hit 8 different countries within one month. Traveling with the group for 3 weeks and having our free time really helped me, Lorin, and Abbie get ready for our adventure by ourselves. I learned how to use the subways, look at maps, and even be able to walk all over the cities and speak to the locals of so many different languages. My favorite city would probably have to be France. I have always wanted to go there and everything we saw just was so amazing– especially the Eiffel Tower at night, just nothing could beat it. I haven’t been one to like history so much but after going on this trip i find myself way more interested in it. I definitely plan on coming back to Europe someday to travel around a little more. Also after being in Rome and Athens I would definitely recommend people to go there– they are both gorgeous cities that i really enjoyed! I had a great time with everyone in our group, I don’t think we could have had a better mix of people and personalities.


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