Across the Atlantic, The Old and the New

After 3 weeks of touring Europe, I am back in my home country.  The greatest difference that I could see between The United States and the European countries was age.  The places we went were ancient.  Our country is just starting out in the world.

Seeing ancient Roman ruins or churches nearly 1,000 years old fills you with a sense of awe and humility.  It forces you to realize the shear number of people that have come before, and the shoulders we stand on to be where we are today.

I was struck by an seemingly paradoxical observation.  Europe is a testament to how mankind can fight and make war with each other, and how they can make lasting peace and fruitful progress.  Virtually every nation or people group have been at war with one another at some point in the long history of Europe.  You would think these people would still maintain these grudges, but instead, now most of them are unified under the same flag of the European Union and now seek to make peace, not war.  In the big picture, I think this is a powerful statement that demonstrates mankind’s fallen nature and their ability to change for the better.

The United States is certainly a leading (if not the leader) country in the world, but compared to the history and culture of Europe, we are just babes.

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