Jan 14 – Gentex Corporation, Ulm, and Landsberg Am Lech

Today brought us to the Bavarian region.  We began with a visit to the European plant of the Gentex Corporation (based in Zeeland, MI).  Jorg, Michael, and Craig provided a great introduction to the company and its products and described their role as the European site.  Bavarian style pretzels and chocolate were a hit with the students as well.

From there we headed to the city of Ulm, most known for its tall cathedral and as the birthplace of Albert Einstein.  After grabbing some inexpensive lunch, most of the students did the 768 step climb to the top of the tower for an awesome view.  We ended our day in the small town of Landsberg Am Lech at the Hotel Goggl.  The town is most famous (infamous) as the place where Hitler was jailed when he wrote his book “Mein Kampf”.  We had a fantastic German style meal and then had time to debrief from the last few days of travels. We also had a special guest meet us – Aaron Rask.  Aaron had been on the trip 4 years earlier and is now working in the hospitality industry south of Munich.

Note on the pictures:  Until today, our faithful photographer of the group was Janine Brouwer.  Unfortunately for all of us, her and Debbie Plaisier (the spouses of the leaders) returned home this morning.  They will be missed!!  Fortunately, we have a group of students who volunteered to take turns being photographer of the day.  Today’s pictures were taken by Matt Schepers.  Thank you, Matt!

2 thoughts on “Jan 14 – Gentex Corporation, Ulm, and Landsberg Am Lech”

  1. Thank you Mrs. Brouwer for all the wonderful pictures. We pray you both travel home safely. All of the posts are appreciated. Keep enjoying your adventures!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful pictures, Matt! And thanks to all of the other student photographers who will be contributing to the blog. It was a great privilege to travel with such a wonderful group of students through Europe, and I look forward to experiencing their remaining adventures through the blog!

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