Amsterdam – Day Two

Today began with walking to the English Reformed Church of Amsterdam and attending the service there.  The church is located in the Begijnhof which is an enclosed community inside the city of Amsterdam that is only for widows and unmarried women.  The service was very familiar to many and was very traditional.

After the service, we walked toward the Ann Frank House and sent the students off to find some lunch before our 1:00pm appointment to go through the house.  It was very moving to see how Jews in hiding lived in fear in the upper rooms of houses.  Following the tour through the house, we took a long walk to get to the place where the canal boat tour starts.  It was a nice and relaxing tour through many canals and then out to the harbor area.  For some, this was a real highlight in their time in Amsterdam.

Tomorrow will be busy with four stops before we arrive at Brugge:  the flower auction near Amsterdam, the large storm surge barrier near Rotterdam, lunch south of that, and then a visit to the Vermeer plant in Goes.

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