Noyon and Compiegne France

It was sad to leave Brugge, but it was time to move on toward the airport.  Our day was fairly simple with just a stop at a rest area for lunch and then a stop in the city of Noyon, France for a couple of hours.  Noyon is probably known for two things:  1) Oldest church with a bishop in France (cathedral dates back to the 1100s) and 2) birthplace of Jean Calvin.  Calvin was born in Noyon and lived here for approx 16 years with his family.  On occasion he would return to see his family, but when the French people kicked our the protestants, he moved to Geneva.  There is a museum about John Calvin near the center of the city and so we visited it.  It was probably more about the reformation since Calvin was just an ordinary kid growing up there, so little is known about his childhood.  Unfortunately, the museum was all in French, so it was difficult for students to get much out of it (and no pictures allowed either.)

In addition to the Calvin museum, we visited the city cathedral and a museum about Noyon.  The museum had artifacts dating back to the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD, including a tiny pair of dice (also, no photos allowed.)  While outside the museum, several of the students ended up playing some soccer with some of the local high school students.  All had fun!  From there we moved on the the city of Compiegne where we are staying the night at a “motel,” quite similar to a Super 8 in a small town in the US.  Dinner (preceded by class discussions) is in the hotel.

Tomorrow we will visit the site of the 1918 armistice and then head to the airport for our flight home…

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