Blogging Instructions For Students

Students, on your selected day, each student of the assigned pair is responsible for adding an individual blog entry.  The entries must be more than just a summary of what we are going to see or what we saw.  You may need to describe the event/visit of the day, but then include some of the following discussion items:

  1. What did you learn which was not what you expected when you were preparing for the visit?
  2. What cultural item or practice did you notice that was different in Europe vs. the United States (or your home country)?
  3. What experiences did you have with another language that went well or proved to be difficult?
  4. If you had additional time in the area, what else would you want to visit in person?

Blogging Steps:  (Note, this can be done from a PC, chromebook, or web browser on a phone.  The WordPress app has limited functionality, so it might not be as good as going through a web browser.)

  1. login to the website using the provided login and password.  The URL is:
  2. If the dashboard is not present on the left side of the window, click on “Calvin College Interim…” on the black stripe at the top of the window and then choose “dashboard”.
  3. If you have photos to upload, hover over “Media” in the dashboard and select “Add New”.  You can then drag and drop photo files and have them upload into the wordpress media library.   Once in the library, you can add captions to each one individually by selecting the photo and entering the caption on the right side of the screen.
  4. If you uploaded photos, then hover over “FooGallery” in the dashboard and select “Add Gallery”.  Select your photos and then click on the “update” button in the upper right of the window.  Finally, select the “Publish” button to finish creating the gallery.
  5. Hover over “Posts” in the dashboard and select “Add new”.  This brings up an editor which allows you to write your blog posts.  When ready, you can click on the “Add FooGallery” button to select and add your gallery from step 4.  Be sure to put your name on the last line of the blog as the author of the posting.
  6. When completed, click on “Save Draft”.  If you want to preview the page, select the Preview button; otherwise, select the “Publish” button to post your blog entry on the web page.
  7. View your blog post and edit if necessary.
  8. Log off.