Sunday Worship

So Sunday is my favorite day. In Grand Rapids, I usually sleep in, put my Sunday clothes on and head over to my host family's house for blueberry muffins and coffee (I really missed those today, although the Korean breakfast we had was also pretty good). Today, I stepped outside my normal routine and went to a 100% Korean service. Last week we worshiped in English at a mega church in Soul, and it was a wonderful experience. However, going to this local church in Pohang today was definitely something special. It was a very small building and our group filled up almost a fifth of the temple! As we entered, everyone greeted us kindly and handed us pamphlets with the order of worship. These were of little help for those of us who do not speak Korean though! However, I was glad to recognize some of the songs we were singing and joined in with the Spanish version (my native language). After the service, we were efficiently taken to another building where we enjoyed lunch with our brothers and sisters. This shows the extent of the importance of community that I've observed during my stay in South Korea. The fact that they were willing to share their lunch with 33 people is something I deeply respect. I admire people's respect and kindness toward each other and strangers -a part of the culture I would like to take back with me. This was my first time experiencing a church service where I did not understand anything that was being said. Though I couldn't take much out the sermon, I love knowing we were all worshiping the same God together. One day, we will all be able to worship our God with no language or geographical barriers, and I'm really looking forward to that day. For those of you on the other side of the world, happy almost Sunday :). Ana

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  1. Such an amazing truth that we all worship the same God, both here and around the world in Korea!
    Blessings to all the Calvin Group in Korea!

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