Jan 19 – Touring Busan

Today was a very full day of exploring Busan.  Each of us had a 1-day ticket to ride the "city tour bus" whenever we wanted to.  The bus had 13 stops in a loop-like pattern around the city.  The full loop ride would take more than one hour since the city is quite large and spread out due to the waterways and bays of this port city.  Many of the pictures of the city were taken either through the windows of the bus or from the top of some of their double-decker buses. Our first stop was to get out and wait for the next tour bus that had a better route for us to take.  Some took the opportunity to run across the street for a quick snack from Burger King.  Our first real stop was to visit the UN Memorial Cemetery in Korea.  The cemetery hosts the remains of 2300 who served from many countries in the Korean War.  It is a beautiful place as the pictures show.  What doesn't show is how windy it was throughout Busan today, particularly in the open spaces of the cemetery.  The stead breeze was 15-20 mph and gusts were probably 30-40 mph with temperatures around 30 degrees Fahrenheit. After the visit to the cemetery, we found a Korean barbecue restaurant that could accommodate our group.  The food was excellent and the restaurant was warm, especially with all of the cookers right in the middle of our tables. Our next stop was a site commonly known as APEC (Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation) and is actually the place where Pacific nations (including the US) met to discuss economic issues.  The location is on a beautiful outcropping of land with a lighthouse on it.  From there, we boarded the bus and found our way to the largest mall in Korea.  We had time to shop and get some food from the food court.  The fourth floor of this 10+ story mall even had an ice rink. Our last stop was the Busan Tower which is fairly close to our hotel.  The view at night was outstanding as you can see from the pictures.  In many ways, Busan is more interesting and beautiful than Seoul (in my opinion, of course) because of the ocean, the harbor, and the beautiful architecture found in its many bridges and buildings. Tomorrow we visit the Korean Stock Exchange in Busan and take a harbor boat cruise.  Should be another great day in Korea!

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  1. Busan is a beautiful city! Thanks for mentioning the temp and the wind, because when looking at some of the beautiful pictures with the blue sky and water, I would think you should all be in shorts and t-shirts. 🙂 Then you rode on the open top deck of the bus?? Crazies! 🙂

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