Jan 20 – Korean Stock Exchange, Harbor Tour, and Interesting Food

Lots of travel and walking today...  We started our day with a subway ride to our first stop, the Korean Stock Exchange.  The main exchange in Korea is not in Seoul, but in Busan.  The 63 story tower houses the stock exchange.  There is a visitor center on the 51st floor which we spent time at.  The view was great from that floor.  Unfortunately, we were not able to see the actual "floor", just some information on display about the stock exchange. From there we hopped on the subway again to the place where we would board a boat for a harbor cruise.  We had some time and so all headed out to find food at local restaurants.  We had a surprise when we got back to the dock:  the waves were too high, so that tour boat we had reserved could not sail today.  Fortunately, another tour boat further up the shore was sailing, but we had approximately 1.4 miles to walk in 1/2 hour to get there on time.   We made it and enjoyed the cruise and the beautiful views of Busan from the water.  It was a bit cold and windy on top, but the sea gulls made it lots of fun as our students fed them some real "healthy" junk food. (Video: P272) On the return half of the trip, several students were happy to lay down in the lower part of the boat.  Not everyone got seasick, but with the strong swells, many were not feeling that great. From there, a fairly large portion of our group decided to go to the famous Jagalchi Fish Market, to both look around at what was being sold (video:  P292 ) and then to try out some seafood for supper.  Our group found a great little restaurant.  The bravest of our group tried the "live octopus" (see the videos  P302  P304).  Even though the tentacles had been chopped from a live octopus, the tentacle pieces still get squirming and moving around.  It was very important to chew them well since the suckers were still active and could attach to anything they touched ... hopefully you get the idea!  Great food and fun times! A smaller portion of the group stopped for some "shaved ice" for dessert.  The different varieties were wonderful! Tomorrow (our last full day in Busan) we will go see some ancient cultural artifacts and then have lots of free time for students to explore in groups.

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