What was your favorite place and why?

What was your favorite place and why? I think that my favorite city on the trip to South Korea was Seoul. I really enjoyed Seoul because I thought there was so much going on right near us, with a mixture of small shops and big retail stores all very easy to get to. What I also appreciated about Seoul was the different districts and how they all seemed to be their own little cities. For example, we stayed in Hongdae which was a major road with tons of buildings on both sides of it with webs of alleys off of the main road. There is also Gangnam which was had the more expensive shops for high end fashion. Then there is Itaewon which is more for the foreigners and most things are in English. In Itaewon you can get a lot of pizza and burgers if you need a day off from Korean cuisine, and we ran in to many Americans here. This is just a small sample of the different regions in Seoul. We only got to see a fraction of the entire city, but we still saw so much. Seoul seems to have everything and it is also has a very clean and efficient subway to get to all of these spots. I also liked Seoul because I was able to visit my brother and see the school he is teaching at, Seoul Foreign School. The teachers did an awesome job of giving us free time in Seoul and I am very grateful that they made time so that I could see my brother as much as possible. When I return to Korea I will definitely start in Seoul again!

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