Among the cities we visited, Busan was my favorite. At first, I thought Seoul was, but after I visited Busan, I concluded Seoul is nothing compared to Busan. I immediately fell in love with the state of the art buildings in Busan, the beautiful bridges and the breath taking view from my hotel room at night. I definitely felt Busan is somewhere I can live because the weather was just right, and the streets were less crowded, compared to Seoul. We took the city bus tour around Busan which was an eye opening moment for me; seeing the UN War memorial and how the US was influential in the Korean War was quite amazing. The tours made me wonder how Korea recovered from being the poorest Asian country to being one of the top ten richest countries in the world. I found that its culture and history have been the driving force behind its modernization and economic development. Its people share a common value which is translated in the way the country is run. With persistence and determination being its two key values, Korea has developed major companies with humble beginnings and stories that inspire other nations and individuals, including myself.

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