It’s time to say Goodbye to Kimchi land.

It’s a bitter sweet feeling! I miss the usual routine but not the reality of going back to school. I described my time in South Korea as a “fantasy”; it being a fun experience which was temporal. Looking back to when we first got to Seoul and when it was time to leave; I must say over the course of 20 days I fell in love with South Korea. It definitely takes a while to get used to foods from other cultures; some of which I describe as acquired tastes. Take kimchi for example, I had never tasted kimchi till I had the experience of making it, but I enjoyed it. My favorite part of the trip was exploring the cities on our own. It was fascinating whenever I had to communicate with the local people because I was amazed at how I came up with creative ways of communicating with them. Consequently, I felt I was interacting with the culture and understanding their lifestyle. We all have different perceptions of Koreans and it was interesting to hear what others thought of Korea during our group reflection time. I learned that culture is subject to misunderstanding which breeds stereotypes and I believe there must be a reason for every act and that’s what makes us unique.

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