No Korean Souvenirs

On Saturday, we started off the day by making some kimchi. I've never made any before, so I was super excited going into this class. The class was very well prepared, and we learned from the techniques of a kimchi "grand master". Pretty grand title, I must say. We used cabbage, and many different spices. Honey was one of the ingredients, which I thought was interesting. Anyways, we packed our kimchi and I was able to take it back. I didn't end up packing any of it, but I tried my kimchi when we got back to the guest house, and I thoroughly enjoyed the taste. After kimchi making class, some students were allowed to go to Dongdaemun, and many went to the war museum. I ended up going to souvenir shop. I stopped by a shop called Honey. It was near one of the Hongdae Exits that we've passed by several times. I found it humorous that I had trouble looking for Korean souvenirs because most souvenirs were about New York or Paris. I ended up buying a ton of small gifts for my friends back home - the gifts included mango soap, a tea infuser, and lazy glasses. I know, not Korean at all, but it'll do for now.

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