Describe what you observe about how God is working on His kingdom in other parts of the world like Korea.

Throughout this interim, we’ve gone to churches in different sizes. From a small town church where all congregation eat lunch together to a church that holds seven different services counting over a million of congregation—they were different but the similar in terms of worshipping the same God and having the serving heart for others. Size of the churches did not matter. All churches had their own ministries throughout South Korea and the world. Churches are working hard to approach to outside church people and always week for ways to help others around. Studying a little of history of Korea, it hasn’t been that long since the Korea War ended. It’s quite amusing to see how this country was able to developed in such a short period of time. And, I strongly believe that it’s also part of God’s work. I think the hard work ethics all came from American missionaries from 1860’s who left strong motivation to Koreans to fight through poverty. With the missionaries’ help, Koreans were able to accept the Christianity and build stronger standards in their lives, and eventually was able to bring together the small pieces that got shattered through war devastation.

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