What cultural item or practice did you notice that was different in South Korea vs. the United States (or your home country)?

Not only because I’ve been working with professors for this interim, but also because I normally spend many hours freely talking to them about life, I always considered them as my good friends. Visiting Seoul National University and Handong University allowed me to see some of relationships between Korean students and their professors. And, surprisingly, it was very hierarchical in Korean universities. Professors in Korea were in much respected position and weren’t easily approachable by students. I think this may vary depending on the professors’ background as well, but specially those who come from traditional Korean education background, they seemed to divide themselves clearly from the students and sometimes could become very strict on them. This doesn’t necessarily mean that American students are being less respectful to their professors. But, definitely I think Calvin College lets students to build close relationships with the professors. First of all, they all have open minds to welcome their students whenever they are in need. Secondly, Calvin professors think beyond their limit and keep themselves updated with what students think of the world. Thirdly, they are very wise to combine their own standards with our views to come up with the most efficient advice. I truly appreciate this kind of relationship more than the hierarchical relations that many Korean students face.

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